I’m pleased to announce that after far too many delays Aiko’s CV-VV RockLoud and BalladSoft Japanese voicebanks are released!

I won’t call them “finished” just yet, as I plan to record some extra pitches by the end of the summer to include, but they’re complete and working monopitch banks.

I’ve edited all the download links on the side and taken down the V.4 and Act3 voicebanks as they are now obsolete. Also, you’ll find a couple of extras, such as a whistle voicebank I made for fun (check the readme for that one please!) and an omake/exVOICE-type folder for Aiko that contains some slightly silly and random samples.

Thanks again for 4 years of UTAU! I’m happy to still be a part of this fandom~ and you can expect another couple of surprises coming up by the 16th, which is Project UTAU XYZ’s 4th anniversary!

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