It’s summer break, and that means it’s recording time! 😀

I’ll be focusing mainly on CV BalladSoft and CVVC RockLoud English first, seeing as AkiGlancy requires the former, and I have plans to use the latter for Aiko’s birthday (which is coming up in July). But by July 10th, I should have those banks plus CV and VCV RockLoud complete and released. PopMellow’s tone is a bit more difficult for me to record so it’ll be the last bank I focus on.

Also, I’m participating in the Minna no UTAU overseas album collaboration project which will take up a lot of my time in the following 2 months. I also have a couple of large art projects related to UTAU and Vocaloid in the following months, as well as the Project UTAU XYZ website to develop, AND a summer job… so this summer I might be slow on posting videos while I focus on all this behind-the-scenes work. I have 3 cover videos I plan to post in the next week or so, but after that you can keep up with the voicebank progress and any small non-video demos on here, Aiko’s Facebook page, and my UTAU/Vocaloid Tumblr (

Finally, I’d like to give a special thanks and shout-out to MewKwota. She decided that today, or “Mother’s Day” in the US, should also be known as “UTAU Mama Birds Day” or a special occasion to thank people who helped you get into UTAU and learn the software and such. I’m really flattered that she views Aiko as Tsux’s “Mama Bird” and I’d like to thank both Yesi-chan and SingingRobotStalker (as well as Camila Melodia and Zuii Takoe) for being my own UTAU Mama Birds ;u;/

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