So last night, I was poking around on Google and inadvertently searched “kikyuune” under “Discussions” and ran into a post on a completely unrelated fan forum. Turns out it was emanic29, or Ginger, from Tumblr who had mentioned cosplaying Aiko before! I never knew she actually went through with the project, but here are the results:


That was super clever, using leggings for Aiko’s shorts/boots! I had no clue how anyone would ever manage to make her open-front leg-casing-boot-things in cosplay :’D

Also, last October, Sango312 surprised me by cosplaying as Aiko for Halloween, and she posted the following photos on Tumblr (which somehow I never ended up posting here before now):

This means a whole lot to me, I’m so excited that people have cosplayed her! Thank you so much!!

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