I’ve recently had an Aiko roleplayer pop up on Youtube and repeatedly ignore my requests for her to stop RPing on my videos.

Now in Aiko’s Terms of Service I request that people ask permission before creating accounts under Aiko’s name on sites for RP purposes.

Why is this?

Because I often like to RP as her myself, and I’ve actually run into multiple instances where I’ve been denied the right to RP as my own creation because someone else has claimed her first.

I’m honored people want to RP as her, but it saddens me that I don’t get the chance to when someone else beat me to the punch in making an account somewhere in her name… since, well, I created her.

I’m really open to giving permission! And I don’t go claiming accounts or policing this sort of thing, I just appreciate the heads-up so I don’t go awkwardly applying for Aiko somewhere where she already has a mun/RPer.

But aside from that… I just really dislike RPing in my Youtube comments.

When I go to Youtube, I like seeing comments relating to the video itself or questions/comments on Vocaloid or UTAU software. Instead, recently, I have been greeted with banter between “Teto” “Aiko” and “Mathieu” on one particular video. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s obnoxious. I have addressed this matter on my Tumblr before.

I don’t like to “screen” comments since I just feel that gives a bad impression, so I’ll probably end up blocking them if it gets out of hand. I’ve already had to do this to 2 videos (only 1 was because of RPing though) so please, PLEASE, no more.

As I said before, I honestly appreciate that people like Aiko enough to want to roleplay as her, but Youtube is not the place to do it. I just request a little respect in this matter, please…

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