Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been busy and I keep forgetting to run back here and update things!
A lot has happened, so be prepared for a big tl:dr, split up into handy sections for easy reading, haha.

UST Updates

I’ve added a couple more USTs to my download list: you can now find “WAY” (originally by Re:nG/Hatsune Miku) and the harmonies for Hoshi no Uta, for Nukude’s version of the UST.

Video Features

First off, here’s an awesome remix of Aiko’s original “Breaking Point” created by the talented AbstractEclipse of Youtube! Thanks so much, A.E! This sounds so awesome ;u;

Art is by my good friend Neptune-Blues, a.k.a. Rikki; I’ve used a lot of her art in Aiko videos, and she’s the one who made the super-awesome short PV for Mathieu’s “6900000000”! I am happy to say that she will be voicing the next UTAU in the XYZ line: Venus! Can’t wait~

Second is a very nice chorus of “Smiling” from KaiSuki, featuring UTAUs from the deviantART group “Utawa-Gakuen”!

“Utawa-Gakuen” is a high-school themed UTAU roleplay on deviantART. Roleplayers submit a school application for their UTAU (apps are currently closed) and once accepted, RP as their UTAU by joining in classes and clubs, and creating comics, songs, memes, etc. to act out the events that go on at the school.

And while we’re at it, why not have a silly MMD meme.

Thanks for the giggles, SpaceFanart1 XD

UTAU Album Info

Kaoling’s single “Fall Into Blind Black,” a stunning UTAU+Vocaloid duet, is available on iTunes! Singers are Hatsune Miku and Sorane Rana. This marks the first non-Japanese UTAU to ever be featured on iTunes! Congrats to Rana’s voicer, Ansha, and Kaoling!

Also, I’d like to give a shout-out to my friend EmpathP/AkiGlancy: she’s released preorders for the very first overseas UTAU album! Go check out the PV for the single “Fairytale Blue” below, and visit her bandcamp page to preorder the album!

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