Just 2 days ago, on July 10th, I passed my 2-year anniversary of using UTAU ;u;/

Thanks a bunch to everyone who made a birthday gift for her ;n; It really means a lot to me.

And many, many thanks to Hollikuru for making Aiko’s old SOFT Append sing “Powder Snow”! 😀

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish quite everything I wanted to. I’ll continue to work on perfecting Aiko’s English (she’ll have recordings in 2 different reclist styles once I’m done) and multilinguality, as well as her 2 other banks (PopMellow and BalladSoft).

And last but certainly not least, Aiko has an original song!

Cien, Watase Maki’s voicer and creator of UTAU-Dreams, wrote a song and allowed me to make Aiko sing it, so Aiko finally has an original ;u; Thank you so much, Cien!

Here’s to many more years of UTAU to come! 8’D

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