Being in Tennessee, I wasn’t able to attend the Mikunopolis concert in LA, but thanks to my friend Hentai/Ario I was able to obtain a digital ticket to view it on Nico Live.



Hnghgnhn I can’t get over how pretty the model was this time around… and the outfits were ten thousand times better than the ones from the 39 Giving Day concert… Saihate and Anti the Infinite Holic were my absolute favorites ;A;

The arrangements were stunning too. The strings section playing with the slap bass in “Popipo” made the song just so much more enjoyable for me… actually I think I was a little fixated on the bassist ;n; I looove slap bass.

I only wish there had been more Luka and the twins, but meh, considering the concert was cut down to a mere hour and thirty minutes from the 2-3 hour epic that 39’s was…

Also, Crypton, I see what u did thar. Demoing Miku’s English bank all over the place. I hope you guys still plan to touch it up a bit though, she was really hard to understand with that accent xD Even moreso than Luka, and that’s saying a lot.

Looking forward to the Blu-ray 8’D

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