Madoka Magica: Ending Theories [SPOILER ALERT] + Edit for Kazumi Magica Spec

I wasn’t expecting to use this blog for more than UTAU and Minecraft but what the heck! I don’t use Livejournal anymore. So here goes, my Madoka Magica Obligatory Ending Rant.
Okay… whew, where to begin.
First off, I gotta say many, many kudos to Gen Urobuchi for pulling this off like he did. It wasn’t flawless, true, but deus ex machina endings more often than not come off as incredibly forced, flat and lazy, and Madoka’s ending was certainly anything but.
The whole idea of Madoka becoming a godlike figure was something I had in the back of my head since the ending of ep 10 when she kills Walpurgisnacht in one blast. I figured then, she had simply wished to become a magical girl in order to save Homura, or wished she could save Homura at least, and based on the power of that wish would have been granted unimaginable magical girl abilities. And I also figured that her wish would have to do with rewriting the “laws” of how magical girls and witches work, since I could see no other way out of the cycle, but I definitely wasn’t expecting her to destroy all witches before they were created, in all timelines. That was intense. WAY intense. And it worked without being so overbearing as “I wish magical girls had never existed!” or “I wish we didn’t have to become witches!” It fit with the laws that QB had set out despite at the same time rewriting them. The demons are evidence that the other wishes would have had odd consequences as well: Good cannot exist without Evil, Evil cannot exist without Good, if you have the magical girls born from Hope you inevitably have an enemy for them to fight born from Despair or else they have no purpose, and the magical girls must exist in some form in order to stave off entropy thanks to QB’s race.
Also, QB’s “change” in attitude was refreshing and surprising. And I mean “change” in a sense of what shows on the surface only: honestly I don’t see it as a change at all when it comes down to his true nature: moreso proof that he was never a wholly malevolent force in the beginning. QB was, as he said, devoid of emotion and therefore an entirely calculating being. One does not need to have emotions to lie, and in fact a lack of emotions and therefore conscience makes it even more natural. QB is QB, he is not the evil of the story, nor the good, but the neutral force that keeps the balance between the two.
Oh and can I just mention that QB saying that on his planet, emotion is considered a mental disorder made me just grin so freaking wide. QB I love you but I hate you but I love you all the same.
Another aspect I thoroughly enjoyed was QB describing his kind’s influence with human history, highlighting instances of women rulers who had apparently been magical girls, and included none other than Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Anne Frank. Freaking ANNE FRANK. I could not get over this! I loved it! And the line “you’d still be living in caves” spooked me so much, it was a brilliant addition. QB’s kind basically instigating human process through the cycle of emotional hope and despair just makes so much sense and I adore it. It really seems to make him the snake to mankind’s Adam and Eve, perhaps feeding the image of him as a demon. I honestly could go off on a whole tangent about Madoka = Jesus, QB = snake/Satan, Homura = prophet, witches and demons and magical girls and angels and all that but I think I’ll save that for another rant. Makes me want to go read some Faust, dammit.
And finally, I will admit when I first watched the last scene I was completely bewildered and wondered if it was the curse to Madoka’s wish. I didn’t think she’d completely escape that: all magical girl wishes have something that breeds despair. However, after reading more ending speculation threads and  looking back on the scene once more, I see it now as a result of the paradox of Madoka’s wish (which causes her to inevitably destroy herself and thus not exist but exist everywhere, all at once) and Homura’s wish paradox, with her wish being to protect Madoka, but since Madoka no longer exists (or does exist but in a higher plane), she has no one to protect and thus her wish is negated, so she’s stuck duking it out until what literally appears to be the end of time. 
But is it the end of time or just of the human race? I can’t be sure: though, think about it this way. If QB’s race is in charge of preventing entropy, they appear to have a goal of preventing the Universe’s death. Now, all real-life theories of how the Universe will end aside, this in and of itself seems a futile task. If the Universe is able to be infinite, it will require an infinite amount of energy to keep up with a never ending entropy, something that seems impossible. If the Universe is finite, then why do the Incubators even care? Is Homura literally the last being in the Universe, stuck fighting an empty plane full of despair-demons until she descends into grief, disappears, and possibly rejoins Madoka? Did Madoka’s plane of existence, we’ll call it Purgatory or Heaven or whatnot, exist at all before she made her wish on those other timelines? Was the Universe doomed the entire time? Something to mull over for a bit indeed.


Started reading Kazumi Magica. My guess is since it appears to be pre-Madokaverse, could the 7 Pleiades magical girls end up forming Walpurgisnacht? ;A;

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