Just wanted to point out that I now have a page for my Livestream, as well as a new poll~

Both of which have to do with my next big project: UST-making tutorials and lessons c:

I can’t guarantee that after my tutorials and lessons you’ll be able to make a UST completely on your own… since making them does require some musical ability on behalf of the UST maker… but I can help with stringing, crossfade, English, pitchbending, vibrato, breath sounds, talkloid, flag effects, and other fun stuff to at least improve current USTs and help you to make them unique to -you- when you make your UTAU sing them 😀

Also I fixed the link to Aiko’s SOFT bank, and put her MMD model download back up. Seimei is helping me by fixing Aiko’s hair so she should be updated pretty soon though 😮


Derp. c:

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  1. i will look forward to your ust tutorials X3 I've been wondering how exactly to make them for a long time, and every time i try to make one… it dosen't turn out very good… so i'm looking forward to it :'D

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