So those of you who follow UTAU XYZ closely (there aren’t many I’m sure) might notice all the WIP UTAUs on the list. This is one of them, Kakujin.

The reason he’s an alien now rather than the (never released) generic-bishounen-glasses-labcoat-scientist I had before?

Well, there was a lot of discussion on YouTube and Twitter today about females voicing males. Mainly, the arguments made AGAINST such a thing always fall back to “you made him just for a guy character” or “for fanservice.”

There’s no denying I made Kakujin as a character. I have his art before his voice! But what I do mean is he is in NO way made for fanservice or shipping xDDDD
I mean who would want to ship their UTAU with him without seeming really, REALLY strange?

Kakujin is an experiment. To see if I can pull off a decent-sounding male voice and get him known and liked without relying on yaoi or image. Granted I’m sure there are some people who might use him for image… who knows if there’s fellow sci-fi fans in the fandom XD But the primary aim for Kakujin is voice, with his image made to deter people who would use him just for looks (but not so much that I myself wouldn’t want to keep drawing him ahahaha)

Also CP you are insane xDD
She commissioned more Aiko&Ayano for me ;u;

I will totally be using both of these in a duet, you know! 8’D

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