Dear blogspot,
y u so glitchy?
Love, Myst

That aside, I have some plans to work on Aiko BalladSoft and Aiko PopMellow this weekend.

For those of you who don’t know:

BalladSoft: Whispery, soft voice.

PopMellow: In-between voice. Clear, slight breathiness, but not loud.

Aiko’s default voice, or at least the current one, is Aiko RockLoud.

And a fourth tentative voice is “RockLoud” level of volume but with more throaty, open pronunciation… for opera. Opera… uh.. OperaLoud? OperaStrongohgodthatsoundsweird. OperaBright? ….ehhhh….

Just felt like naming them after styles of music rather than “APPEND THIS/THAT” and whatnot xD; Their separate art styles will reflect this; her current official art being RockLoud with bold colors and lines. BalladSoft will be just a revamp of Aikos old Soft Append art (painted, with her hoodie up) and PopMellow is Aiko drawn in simple thin-line, with bright cell shading and her hoodie open revealing her tshirt.

That’s all for today! Happy UTAUing c:

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