Kikyuune Akihiko

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Name: Kikyuune Akihiko
Meaning: “sound of the soul/balloon sound” “bright prince”

Voicer: Myst’s father

Designer: Myst


Codename: Protoloid-Δ

Age: n/a

Gender: Male

Type: Biodroid

Item: biplane

Height: 6’1″ feet (185 cm)

Weight: 187 lbs (85 kg)

Release: 3 / 14 / 12

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(heavily accented)
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PLEASE NOTE! Though Akihiko has personality traits given to him by both me (Myst) and the UTAU fanbase, they are entirely optional and songs or art made with him do not need to follow these guidelines. This goes for any pairings/ships as well.

Likes: being the center of attention, dramatically flowing capes, vintage aircraft
Dislikes: hospitals, mushrooms, thunderstorms

Akihiko is an android, and a failed stuntman (his costume is loosely based on the motorcyclist Evel Knievel, as well as Saiyaman from DBZ). As he is constantly destroying himself by messing up dangerous airplane stunts, he has been rebuilt at total of 142 times by his mechanic son, Akio. He has an overdramatic flair and often acts as his own announcer before his performances.