Simfiles and Songs

ThinkPi314 on Youtube made a Stepmania simfile for CircusP’s remix of “Breaking Point” and it looks really fun! It’s not up for download yet, though, but when it is I will post it.
ThinkPi314さんはYoutubeにステップマニアのsimファイルの「Breaking Point CircusP リミックス 」を作りました!それは非常に楽しそうです!ダウンロードはまだ利用できません、でも、私は後でダウンロードのURLを供給します。
Also, UTAUReni, AkiGlancy (EmpathP) and I have entered the Galaco contest! We hope you enjoy our original song “Saber” and please support our entry~
また、私とUTAUReniさんとAkiGlancyさんはVOCALOID3/GALACOのコンテストに入ります!私たちのオリジナル曲 (「Saber」 )をお楽しみください~

2 New Covers :D

I have some awesome news that I’m a bit late in sharing: I have Yuzuki Yukari! She’s my first Vocaloid3, and I got the full editor with her. I made a cover of AgoanikiP’s “Lucid Dream Paradise” to test her out:
Secondly, I finished my first UST in a while, and it’s also my first Aiko and Mathieu duet since the semester before last D: I need to make them sing together more! Anyway, as usual, you can find the UST on the USTs page, linked to at the top of the blog c: