Website updates!

Pachi and I have been hard at work on fixing up the Studio VOXYZ website! Updates and bug fixes include a fully responsive layout (though some page content still needs to be fixed to look nicer on mobile) and a brand new banner, which includes the unreleased UTAU characters Hanga CYE, Ashley, and Shinchuune Bunko. These UTAU’s voicebanks are currently in production, with CYE slated for release around the end of November.

Moving all voicebanks to Google Drive + Dropbox!

You may find that some download links are breaking, these should be fixed shortly!

I’m in the process of moving all voicebanks to Google Drive and Dropbox (and later, Bowlroll) and closing both of my 4shared accounts.

If any links remain broken or if any of my new download mirrors have errors, please let me know!

Storenvy: New Products Soon!

I’m slowly getting art stuff set up for future convention artist alley appearances (all of which are still up in the air at the moment…) so I’ve been working on a couple of poster designs for Aiko that should be added to the Studio VOXYZ Storenvy store soon! You can see them below! Also, I’ve modified Aiko’s charm/keychain design! While the Storenvy images have not yet updated, any orders made after today will receive this new design.




The old design leftovers I have will be handed out at convention appearances for free ;v;

Products featuring more characters (both Vocaloid and UTAU) to come later!