More Convention Updates!

Hey all! Just some news concerning MTAC next month. I’m sorry to say that CrusherP will not be able to attend this year’s MTAC due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, I am pleased to announce that Pachi, our gracious web host and soon-to-be voicer of the lil’ pink cutie in the top banner, will be attending! If all works out timewise (as I have not yet received a schedule) she will be assisting me with the UTAU panel. I plan to do a live recording, otoing and USTing demo with her help.

As usual, after the panel I will be offering an UTAU fan-meet, where we can go hang out and grab something to drink or eat around the con venue. And I’ll bring some UTAU-themed goodies to hand out as well! So please come and chat about singing robots with us~ o(≧∇≦o)

(Official announcement video on YouTube will come later once I have the date and time set!)

Myst @ Castle Point Anime Convention 2016

I’m pleased to announce that I (MystSaphyr) will be attending the Castle Point Anime Convention in Hoboken, NJ the weekend of April 23-24 as a guest, alongside CrusherP, CreepP, and Misha (voicer of Vocaloid Ruby)!

I’ll be hosting an introductory UTAU panel at 10 AM Sunday morning, and afterwards, helping out with a giant Vocaloid panel at 1 PM! There will be 5 VocUTAU-related panels total at the con, so please look forward to it! The full schedule can be found here.

This will be my first guest appearance at a convention, and my first time traveling to New Jersey! I’m super excited!!