Blog design update + Mathieu “Torinoko City”

As you can see, I gave Aiko’s blog a bit of a design overhaul. I wasn’t too satisfied with the earlier theme… I guess I just work better with slick, clean high-contrast layouts. I definitely prefer them anyway!

Awesome banner art by qrullgx13 on deviantART!

Also, first Mathieu song in a while!

Quite a few updates~ :D

I missed a few things that I’ve been meaning to post! Granted, I just moved back into a dorm this week for summer classes, so things have been hectic. Here’s some updates from the world of UTAUxyz c:

Chiyoko got into a cool UTAU chorus, first use of her in a long time:

I rendered my first song in Mac UTAU and did a quick review:

I made a 10 minute loop of the Gaia Towns music with UTAU…..?

And Aiko and Mathieu (and I still haven’t seen who all else from XYZ) got into the lyrics for a FRACKING HUGE “UTAU ieru kana” type of song XD

6900000000 – UTAU XYZ PV (Short)

So an old friend of Acorn’s and myself, Rikki (or Ghiffi as she was known on Starbits Pets) made this short PV for Mathieu’s “6900000000” for a school project! Aiko and Pluto (Rikki’s yet-unfinished UTAU) make appearances as well~
Thanks so much, Rikki. This is amazing ;u;/