Some miscellaneous updates!

I hadn’t intended to neglect updating this site, but I have a lot to catch up on since I like having everything in one place! (That’s what this site is for after all)

For Namida’s birthday, and as a gift to AkiGlancy/EmpathP, I made an arrangement of one of Aki’s favorite producers’ songs! She’s liked ryuryu for as long as I’ve known her, so I arranged “Stella Marine” and edited Namida’s voicebank into CVVC to sing it. The karaoke arrangement is available on my Soundcloud (accessible on the Media > Audio page)

Also, I have updated info on the upcoming UTAU panel/meet-up at Anime Weekend Atlanta! You can see the video Cody and I made below. I’ve also added an Events section to the sidebar to keep track of these things! Mika, the creator of the Sonata UTAU charity project, will also be attending and handing out stickers! I’ve also created designs for CODY and Sonata phone charms which I will be passing out at the panel.


“Shiki no Uta” Arrange Cover – Homurane Ray

I’m a bit late in posting this here, but for this year’s Rayfes on Nicovideo, I collaborated with other UTAU users BagelHero/Halo and Mario.MD/Yue to create an arrange cover of the Samurai Champloo ED! Yue tuned Ray’s vocals, Halo did the lovely art, and I arranged and mixed the BGM and edited the video.

The off-vocal and UST distribution will be at a later time, I have to adjust a couple of USTs before they can be released.