New Cover & Conventions!

First cover of the year! Here we have Sōon Roko’s “Existing” bank (multipitch, multiexpression) singing “You Only Live Once”, the ED from YURI!!! on ICE. The UST can be found on the USTs/VSQs page as usual!

In addition, I’m currently working out my spring/summer convention schedule! So far I know for certain I’ll be attending ETSUcon in Johnson City with Aki Glancy, and MTAC in Nashville with CrusherP, both in Tennessee! While I don’t yet have panel confirmations yet, I’ll still be hosting an UTAU meetup at MTAC like usual! More details to come!

New year, new stuff!

Hey all! I’m just popping in with a quick update to the Studio VOXYZ Storenvy store!

I was recently able to purchase a MUCH better printer and better charm materials, so I’ve updated all the charm and keychain stock. Aiko’s design has also been updated to her new look!

In addition, I’m currently working on some small 5×8″ print designs, as well as the charm designs for Aiko’s “winter” costume and the other Kikyuunes, which should all be available in the coming week or 2.

Happy (slightly late) New Year’s, and here’s to a fun and productive 2017! ovo/

Welcome back, Ariella!

MoonCrafter is back and working with us again, and Ariella has some new voicebanks in the works!

Moon and I met back in 2009 when I found her UTAU on deviantART, and we’ve been good friends ever since. I’m super excited to be helping her finally rerecord! I’ve added Ariella’s profile page under “Z: Affiliated UTAU” though it’s a bit bare at the moment.

You can hear the duet demo with her work-in-progress (currently monopitch) CVVC Japanese below, and the UST for “Catastrophe” is also now up on the USTs/VSQs page!