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MystSaphyr mystsaphyr Studio VOXYZ n/a mystsaphyr mystsaphyr

Founder of Studio VOXYZ and voicer of Kikyuune Aiko! Singthesizers own my life, though other hobbies include video games, web design, cosplay and digital art.

I'm an amateur producer and I've had my work featured in a albums such as "CREATION" by Project Sonata, "FIVE" by CircusP, "STRATOSPHERE" by Empathy Studios and at events such as VOCAMERICA and Minna no UTAU. I attend many fan conventions around the south and east coast and I enjoy giving informative panels on UTAU and Vocaloid.



SmashingGlass Twitter YouTube IntoTheAbysmalAbyss SoundCloud Caffeinated-Cake

Associate webmaster that obnoxiously loves all things web design and development. Prone to being overly excited, rambling and the general inability to shut up about things such as, but not limited to, dolls. Please approach with caution!