UTAUMiRAi album art revealed!

EXIT TUNES has revealed the full jacket illustration for UTAUMiRAi! Kudos to nonoko-san for the beautiful illustration!

The album will release November 15th, and is up for preorder on sites such as CDJapan, Amazon, etc.! There are multiple goodies based on which site you order from

Fore more info, visit the website: http://utaumirai.extsm.com

UST fixes underway!

Starting with the fixing and public release of my “SILENCE” UST, I’m going to be working on fixing up all my other UTAU-Synth-era USTs (as well as some of my REEEEALLY old ones) to make sure they’re up to date with voicebank compatibility, lyrics, and anything else I might have messed up!

Next on the list is “All Men Are Pigs” which was a highly-requested English UST. I’ve also finished “Aurora” (by ryuryu) and “Uzume Kagura” (by twinkle/U-taP) which will be up once I finish artwork for them.

Other unreleased USTs in the project:

• BALLOON (by Tiara)
• Ofuton-in! (by OyakataP)
• Feel So Moon (from Space Brothers)
• Gegege no Kitaro (OP from the 60s anime)
• Sousei no Aquarion
• The Fox (by Ylvis)
• Outer Science (by Jin; Len Arrange ver.)
• Tsuntsun-Gokko (by EZFG)

Bi☣️hazard on EXIT TUNES「UTAUMiRAi」

I’m so excited to announce that Aiko will be featured on the upcoming EXIT TUNES UTAU compilation: UTAUMiRAi! CrusherP’s song “Biohazard” is on the tracklist!

The album includes Teto, Kakoi, Ritsu, Momo and Renri, and preorders will be packaged with a lot of cool goodies like buttons and posters! It releases in Japan on November 15th, but preorders are already available on many online anime/music goods stores such as CDJapan.

(The YouTube CM below may not play if you are in the US, many apologies!)